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Dr. Friedemann Roether, Owner

Who we are

Inno.tob & partners are an independent expert consulting group set up in 2001. We specialise on project and production services for the tobacco industry. Our home base is Hamburg, Germany, but our services are available on site throughout the world. Our mission is to serve our customers at the highest levels of quality, professionalism and confidentiality.


Dr. Ing. Friedemann Roether

  • Mechanics & controls at scientific institute (5 years)
  • Major engineering service provider (2 years)
  • R&D manager leading OEM tobacco industry (12 years)
  • inno.tob & partners (>20 years)

Our approach

Customer satisfaction Your interests will be paramount.
Independence We focus on your requirements - nothing else.
Striving for excellence High level expertise will be guaranteed all the time.
Confidentiality Essential for a good and long term partnership.

What makes us different


Complex projects need experts with dedicated skills and expertise. Whatever the requirements of the customers may be - we find a suitable partner to provide the best solution.

Our partners cover related areas such as logistics, energy solutions, product quality etc... where special expertise is needed.

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Energy solutions

Process & QA Consulting

Dr. Roether - engineering consultants

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